How to Get Real Estate Referrals for Your Business

How can I make referrals my primary source of business? Referrals by nature come from people that know you, like you, trust you, sort of know you, sort of trust you, know that their friend works with you and that you’re a cool guy or cool gal. For me that is the essence of building a real estate business. Yes, we can of course get cold leads from a million sources. I have found in my experience, and this is just my opinion, that when working through leads that are “cold” meaning you have no leverage, they are disloyal, they’re just shopping around for the best deal, they don’t really care if they work with you or not and they’ll jump ship. I recommend that you delve into your sphere of influence. It use to be that you would look for people in your address book now it’s people you know on social media, people that you know through other people on social media. You can spend all day prospecting people you know and their friends and you can say “Oh, I know Bob and you know Bob and I just wanted to say hello.” In there is a tiny little bit of leverage if the potential client knows that you’re friends with Bob and he’s friends with Bob and he’s rude to you or disses you he knows that you might tell Bob that he was a jerk. My feeling is always run to your tribe, run to the people that know you, sort of know you, could know you, might know you and try to strike up realistic, genuine conversations with their best interest in mind and if you do that day after day after day after day you will get business, not might, not could, but will. When you run out of people you know look for strangers. Until then keep reaching back into your database. That is how you will get the majority of your business from referrals.