Home Improvements that Are Guaranteed to Increase Your Home Value

Today I’m going to talk about home improvements you can do to help increase your property value. Now when we have your home it’s really easy to get caught up in the moment and splurge on things that you may not actually need such as expensive ligh fixtures, marble countertops, authentic wood cabinets, fancy faucets. Now these are all really great, but you really have to consider does it really fit your property, where your property is located, and of course your budget.

Now the first step before any rehab project is to first assess the neighborhood your property is in and determine what upgrades houses sold in that area have made. What I’ve done is actually pinpoint some focus areas that you get the best bang for your buck.

Let’s start off in the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the house and what you need to focus on is counter and cabinet space. Now if you have room for an island I would recommend installing one  because not only does it add counter space it also includes cabinet space. Now if your cabinets are a little bit worn down instead of rushing to replace them I would recommend sanding them down and refinishing or restaining them because that will definitely make them look newer. Of course you can always replace the handles and knobs. Home Depot has options from the really cheap to the the really expensive so you can play around with the look and which ones best fit your kitchen. Now, if by chance, you have to replace your cabinets rather the rushing straight to retail I would first find a wholesaler. These are people who have older designs that are completely new, but because the newer designs are out they can offer theirs at a discount. You can paint or stain the cabinets yourself to save on labor costs and going with a wholesaler is a really cheap alternative.

As for your kitchen I would encourage you to repaint or re-wallpaper, whatever you prefer, or even re-hardwood or re-tile. If you can’t afford that you could do vinyl or laminate. They have vinyl that looks like tile and laminate that looks like real wood.

As for your appliances you want to look at stainless steel. It’s the new standard and it’s what people expect so you don’t want to let them down there. Also look at deep sinks in your kitchen. This creates more openness and reduces the look of clutter when dishes are stacked in the sink.

Next is your countertops. There’s a lot out there, but what I like the most is granite.They mimic marble, they’re cheaper, and they give the kitchen a new fresh clean look.

The next thing you want to focus on guys is the bathroom. You should re-grout or re-caulk your bathroom and of course remove any mold or mildew. if you don’t know how to grout or caulk Home Depot offers free classes and then have simple to use grouting kits. Of course if you can re-tile your bathroom if you can afford to do so you can create new patterns and a new look.

You do want to invest in nice vanities, mirrors. Also you should tile your floor, if you can’t afford to tile then think about vinyl that looks like tile. If your house can permit this you want to think about adding an extra bathroom. Especially if you have a house that has one bathroom adding an extra bathroom will definitely improve the value of your home by quite a bit.

Now the next thing I want to talk about that is growing in popularity are green home improvements. So things you can do like weather stripping or caulking your windows, programmable thermostat, tinted windows, lower flush per gallon toilets, Ask your local handyman shops and see what alternatives you can take because understand that the home is an investment and you want to reap those long term savings. If you can save $100 a month that’s a huge, very powerful, selling point.

If you have to replace any doors, rather than go to retail go to habitat and Goodwill. They have really great options for you they’re pretty cheap as well like I said it’s better than going retail.

Next thing I want to talk about are room conversions. It’s a great way to increase your square footage, you know if you have a garage, attic, or basement you can look at trying to convert those into actual room. If you have one room to spare you should look at converting this into an office. Install some shelving. Young professional looking to buy homes like to have their own personal space in their home where they can do work. That’s another strong selling point as well. The next thing is creating new space. What that means is if there are walls that could be knocked down and not hurt the integrity of the home and will make the living room look bigger or maybe make the kitchen look bigger I definitely encourage you to do so because it will help improve the value.

Next thing is landscaping. It’s mostly for curb appeal. It’s probably the last on your list of things to do. You want to save a little bit in your budget for this, but it doesn’t take too much to add a lot of value here. You know little simple pattern with some bricks, some mulch, shrubbery, a rose bush here and there and a simple garden in the back is eye candy. Doesn’t take very much to go a long way with your landscaping. You want to make sure it looks clean and fresh.

As for painting, if you’re able to repaint your home to get that fresh paint smell that’s always a plus. It’s very important to cover up your holes on the wall from previous paintings. You can dust the walls down with a broom or power wash the exterior before painting. That way your paint will stay up much longer, at least a year to 2 years otherwise it will start chipping and falling off in 30 to 90 days. That’s a pretty expensive lesson.

The last thing I want to cover guys are updates and replacements. Drywall texture, if you’re still working with popcorn texture it’s incredibly outdated. It’s a pain in the butt to take down but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. if you have left over budget think about updating your fixtures, your ceiling fans, your mini blinds. There are a lot of fun options out there. I know sometimes Home Depot will have a sales and reduce the prices on some really nice ceiling fans.

So home improvements can be costly, but there are many alternatives you can take to reduce those costs while improving the value of your home. By focusing on the kitchen and the master bath and remaining bathrooms first you can actually recoup a lot of the cost here because that’s a lot of where the selling points come from. You want to focus on the painting a landscaping if you have extra budget and of course the fixtures and ceiling fans.