Tips for New Real Estate Agents

For my first tip, you would think it’s kind of a no brainer but it actually catches people off guard. Real estate is a career and you build it, and you make a lot of money. So my first tip for new agents is get really good at figuring things out for yourself. If you’ve always been one of those people that have had your hand held and someone telling you step by step by step what to do and giving you direction. This isn’t anything like that. So you need to get really good at figuring things out for yourself. There’s a lot to be learned, there’s a lot of things you’re going to want to know how to do and what to say, use the internet, like Google is so powerful. Use the internet and get good at figuring things out. There’s not always going to be somebody there to hold your hand and give you step by step what to do and so you have to be an adult in this career and you have to learn how to research and take instructions and just figure it out.

My second tip is you need to be vulnerable. Especially if you’re a new agent, you don’t know a lot, you’re walking into a career and you’re really trying to figure it out and make your mark in the industry and so you need to be vulnerable. And I’m mostly talking about being vulnerable with your clients. You don’t necessarily need to walk into every client’s home or speak with every client pretending to know everything and know how to do everything. If there’s something you don’t know, tell them. Tell them I don’t know that but I will get you the answer. Just be honest with people, be vulnerable. If you even want to go as far as saying this is my first transaction, I have a great team behind me, I have people helping me all along the way and I appreciate you for giving me this opportunity, that can go so much further than trying to show and act like you’re the biggest, baddest, agent in the city. You want to be vulnerable with your learning and this goes to your brokerage or your office. Ask questions when appropriate, talk to people about certain situations that you’re having. You’re not an expert, not many people are experts in this industry and this industry is constantly changing and so you really need to be vulnerable because that’s when things are going to open up for you and people are going to want to help you out and help you succeed.

My third tip, and this one makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable, but you have to be prepared to put yourself out there. This is one of those careers where it’s all about you, your image, your knowledge, it’s your business and so you have to be prepared to put yourself out there. Whether we’re talking about images, blogs, writing, social media, videos, whatever it is, you have to put yourself out there. That is what’s going to attract people to you and make them want to use you as their agent. When you start putting yourself out there and providing value and showing that you are knowledgeable and having a great smile and image, it’s going to attract people to you, but no one is going to know about you if you plan to play the role as a secret agent. If you’re just behind the desk nobody knows about you. What’s going to make your phone ring? What’s going to make someone want to reach out to you? You have to be prepared, if you really want to make a mark in this industry and really be successful you have to put yourself out there. We’re in 2017, social media is everything, so as a real estate agent you have to jump on that. It’s ok if you’ve been shy or you’re not really comfortable with it, get comfortable with it because it’s not going anywhere and long gone are the days where people used to open up a phone book and look for real estate agent’s name and number. Now it’s all about the internet, it’s all about being out there networking, getting to know people, you have to put yourself out there.

My next tip is attend as many training classes as possible. Even when you get your license it doesn’t stop there. All throughout your real estate career your going to want to get trained, things are going to change in the industry, new tools, new tips, so attend as many training classes as possible. So many people offer training in this industry, I get emails all day and night from title companies, mortgage companies, attorneys, banks etc all offering training classes to help us in our business. Attend as many as possible. As a new agent, as a seasoned agent we all attend trainings, there’s always something to learn. The more knowledge you have the more power you have. So attend as much training as you can.

My last tip is treat your real estate business like a job. Hold yourself accountable. If you’re transitioning from a part time or full time job in real estate, there’s going to be a lot of changes. There’s not going to be a boss waking you up in the morning. There’s not going to be a clock in clock out. You’re not going to receive a paycheck every two weeks. It’s totally different you’re working for yourself, you set your own hours, you set your own pace, you do what you want to do so you need to be very disciplined and treat this like a job. Surround yourself with people who are disciplined in this real estate business. I always tell people that winning is a culture, you want to be around winners, the ones who wake up early, and the ones who work, work, work, grind, grind, grind and who treat this like a true business. You need to be disciplined with your schedule and calendar. Your time, your processes, you need to be disciplined, treat this like a job. Even though you are working for yourself, you are working for yourself and if you want to make good money you need to be disciplined and treat this like a job.