Top 3 Considerations When Buying, Selling or Investing in Real Estate

Here are three things to keep in mind when buying/selling and investing in real estate, specifically buying investment properties and expecting a return in the future.


So the first thing is your location. When you’re going to buy any house in general, I mean I don’t care what it is, you always want to have a better location or a good location and where you think you can see the location, in say, 10 years from now. God forbid you need to sell the property for some reason and you’re going to want to make your money back, or are you going to make a profit on the property in the next 5 to 10 years from now. You always have to keep that in the back of your head. Are people going to want to rent in that location, is it a good location depending on what you’re doing or what your strategy is. Location is always a good thing to think when talking about investing in real estate.

Time Frame

The second thing is the expected time frame of your investment when you buy that investment property. So if you buy that property for $100,000 and if you do the math for getting rent for $1,400 per month, how many months, or how many years is it going to take to get that $100K back, plus more. How many years will it take to breakeven and then make that margin after. So that’s always the second thing, in my opinion, you should always do when buying these properties, is how long is it going to take you. You always want to keep that timeframe in mind.

Expenses, Repairs, and Taxes

And the third thing on the list is your expenses, your repairs, and your taxes. How much are you going to have to put down, how much are you going to have to pay every month for repairs on the property for everything, so you can put that in your budget as well. I figure that out because that’s always going to be a problem, you always will have to repair something whether it’s the work outside, the landscaping, or whether it’s a broken this or broken that so that should always be included in your budget as well.