Will be transitioning soon

As I hinted in the last post, we are making some changes this year and want you to be in the know. Dona and her team have been assisting real estate pros for over 7 years, and now it’s time for us to refocus our efforts in more fruitful endeavors. As you might have read in our email newsletter, we are transitioning to focus on care for the family within the home.

Reasoning behind the decision

The world is changing and with sites like Zillow, real estate professionals are constantly pressured to take decisive actions. We’re chilling out. We have the right team, and the right dream to make miracles happen!

Our friend from Portland has convinced us that CBD dropshipping is the way to go in this new economy. We have the Corona Virus and other factors playing out and this seems to be the perfect opportunity for us.

As we move forward

We will always have real estate in our hearts, and will still provide the value you expect from us. Moving forward we will also showcase items that interests us and provide you value in new ways.

This is our mission and we strive to provide you value however we can.